Cecilia has the fragrance and femininity of the rose, the purity of the lily and the tenacity of the prickly pear.
Imagine, while in the greenery of the Lower Susa Valley, learning from her grandfather to recognize plants, herbs and flowers they encounter while walking, she learns how to release fragrances by gently rubbing them between her fingers. With respect and love for their beauty and their infinite virtues of healing and well-being.
The finest organic and wildcrafted raw materials from around the world, wisely blended by his granddaughter, third generation beautician, chemist and pharmacist. Skin remedies for endless uses, for every season, for every skin type.
Cecilia brings innovative formulas to life by blending the finest organic and wildcrafted oils, butters and extracts from around the world. All wisely blended with only flower-based organic essential oils such as Rose Otto, Violet Absolute and Blue Chamomile.
In the list of ingredients, no preservatives or chemicals are listed.