Tief im Wald

DEEP IN THE FOREST lambskin gloves "Pistache/Framboise" camel

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DEEP IN THE FOREST lambskin gloves "Pistache/Framboise" camel

Smooth leather camel

Elegant without being boring - this is ensured by the color combination of the beautiful, very soft gloves from Tief im Wald. This pair of gloves is made of grown lambskin.

The fur is soft and very dense. The gloves get their absolute look from the colored edging made from Peruvian highland wool.

Deep in the forest processed waste products, so the gloves are always slightly different in color and feel. Judith stocks up on remnants.

Product Description:

  • Lambskin smooth leather camel
  • Inner fur camel
  • Border pistache - framboise
  • One Size