2DIE4 CACAO nut butter "crunchy"

2DIE4 CACAO nut butter "crunchy".

Only the best ingredients can be made into something even better. Our precious nuts have therefore given us the idea

Our precious nuts gave us the idea to create a fine and pure cocoa nut butter - with only natural ingredients, which really still tastes of nuts.

We have been working on the recipe for years.

But the effort was worth it: our organic cocoa nut butter is made from pure nature and tastes simply 2DiE4!

Perfect as a dessert with strawberries, bananas or a small spoonful on muesli.

Smooth or Crunchy (with activated chia seeds)


"2DiE4 activated organic nuts " more than 60% nut content

" vegan ingredients from organic farming " pure nature


" refined sugar

" palm oil

" preservatives " lecithin

activated hazelnuts*, activated almonds*, activated pecans*, coconut blossom sugar*, raw cacao*, raw cacao butter*, activated chia seeds* (only for Crunchy), vanilla*, raw organic sea salt

170g per jar - 1 year shelf life


Once upon a time there were two friends. They both shared a passion for healthy food and foods that nourish body, mind and soul in equal measure. One of them lived in Australia and experimented passionately with sourdoughs and fermentation. The other had been enthusiastically studying macrobiotics when life brought him to Germany to find the woman of his life, to whom he happily married. It was a matter of honour to introduce this woman to his friend from afar!

Happy about the reunion, he said: "My wedding gift to you is a sample of my latest invention: activated nuts. I have dedicated myself to the search for the tastiest and healthiest nut. The key lies in triggering the germination process, which you stop again at a certain point. It unfolds true magic powers in the nut and happens in two phases. I call them: Activation. In the first stage, slow soaking cleanses the nut of bitter substances. In combination with subsequent gentle drying, the nuts then make more of their nutrients available. The best thing about it: they are not only crunchier and more delicious, but above all more digestible! I am still at the very beginning of understanding this process. But I already have a name for it: ACTIVATED NUTS - TO DIE FOR!' "

Curious, the couple grabbed it - not realising that this taste would change their lives. For the crunchy bite and incomparable taste were like a revelation.

The dream of the perfect nut was born!

Equipped with the basic knowledge of activation, the couple returned to Europe. With great enthusiasm, they immediately set to work perfecting their friend's pioneering work. Together with their wild little son, they set out to find the best raw material: the choicest nuts in the world. They played tag among pecan and Brazil nut trees and read fairy tales in the shade of ancient walnut trees. And when the best kernels were found, the work in the experimental kitchen began: for months they stirred spring water and sea salt for the perfect brine; they meticulously searched for the best ovens and tinkered uncompromisingly with optimal temperature sequences and the ideal duration for the gentlest drying.

And one day, all the knowledge they had gained about chemical, physical and natural nut laws came together like pieces of a puzzle and they found what they had been looking for since the tasting: the perfect activation for the ultimate crunchy, intense and pure nut taste!

Quickly, the incomparable delicacies were the talk of the town among families and friends. So why not, as nut activists, lay this dream at the feet of the whole world?