Storm by Sara

Frotée cotton Necessaire STORM by Sara off-white uni


Frotée - Necessaire from Storm by Sara in carro off-white uni

Frotée off-white - inside cotton lilac


Sara is a 24 year old student who started the brand 'Storm by Sara' in Lisbon two months ago. At the beginning of the year she didn't even know how to sew on a button and today she doesn't have enough hands to make all her orders.

She discovered her passion for sewing during Lockdown. She hasn't stopped since. It all started with beach pillows for her friends to earn extra money.

At first she made items out of regular terry. The idea of vintage scarves came from her mother, who still had retro scarves in her closet and gave them to her to try. So the idea came Necessaires anzuffertigt from vintage cloths to give those a new life.
Also for the love of the environment, recycling!

Réjane's Info:

Your very personal companion for every day and just so pretty in your bathroom or handbag :-)

Small: great for your makeup stuff, for tablets or other daily hygiene items. Measures 17x6x6

Large: ideal as a toilet bag. Mass: 22x10x10

Product Details:

  • Vintage Towel Design
  • Inner lining cotton lilac flower
  • 100% Cotton
  • fully lined
  • zipper
  • 40 degrees washable
  • Mass:
  • Fairtrade
  • Hand sewn by a student in Lisbon from