Mr. Leight

GARRETT LEIGHT Sunglasses "Rodeo" SL 57 Antique Gold

Sunglasses "Rodeo" SL 57 Antique Gold - Beachwood/Canyon

The newest 2022 edition of Mr. Leight eyewear! Summer 2022

EVERY LIGHT - the glasses have a cool blue touch !

Mr. Leight combines rich traditions of craftsmanship, unsurpassed engineering and design, and the highest quality palette of materials to create exquisite objects of desire. Each frame is handcrafted and finished in Japan by master artisans who have worked directly with Larry for decades. The unparalleled care and finesse they bring to each piece has been refined over generations and perfectly embodies the respect for tradition and spirit of innovation that is at the heart of the Mr. Leight brand.