Bon Parfumeur

BON PARFUMEUR Candle 02: coriander seed, honey, tobacco leaf

Bon Parfumeur Candle 02: coriander seed, honey, tobacco leaf.

An elegant candle that is both warm and animalic, with fruity and sunny honey rays and a rich and enveloping tobacco aroma. The head is enlivened by aromatic notes of lavender from Provence and coriander seeds. The honey heart is accompanied by ylangylang from Comoros and a touch of anise. In the background, we succumb to the delicacy of tonka bean.

Bon Parfumeur

The perfumer is Sidonie Lancesses loves short formulas. She is committed to authenticity in her creations. A perfume must evoke emotions and memories.

A spicy note that flirts with the power of amber. The cold accent of incense contrasts with the warmth of amber for an intoxicating paradoxical effect. A dry, woody background reminiscent of cedar contrasts the sweetness of sandalwood. A vanilla balsamic aftertaste that rounds out the accord, patchouli and rose.

Bon Parfumeur is a small company that has its origins in Paris. So small and yet so ambitious. They want to revolutionize the world of perfumery anew.

The fragrance combines quality, pleasure and relaxation. The goal was to sell a TOP fragrance in simple bottles at a good price. This gives you the possibility to have different fragrances at home.

To change the perfume means to change your skin, your mood and to live a whole range of different emotions.

Real luxury is the freedom to smell the way you want.


  • 180g - 50 hours
  • Scented candle
  • Coriander seed, honey and tobacco leaf