Rabens Saloner

RABENS SALONER Wide Pants "Briana" toasted


RABENS SALONER Wide Pants "Briana" toasted

Simple and suitable for everyday use :-) A super everyday pants, something between jeans and elegant wide pants! Cotton stretch - super light and very comfortable.

It is high waist, but can be pulled a little in the hips, if you do not buy them too tight. Length ideal on a woman 174cm and taller. Otherwise it would need to be shortened.

Réjane's personal styling tip:

Summer or winter - a classic jeans for any season. I style the pants with sweaters, as well as with blouses, sneakers, loafers or boots. All great.

Product Details:

  • Viscose
  • very soft
  • soft touch
  • easy to wear
  • not transparent
  • straight leg
  • rather hight waist
  • available in pirate black and toasted

Size information:

  • Rather large cut
  • XS for 36/38

Rabens Saloner

The Rabens Saloner woman has always had a rebellious side, so for this season we sought inspiration from one of the world's most artistically revolutionary periods - the early 20th century - when painters like Picasso, Klee and Do. broke away from the confines of established aesthetics.

Travel became easier, influences from cultures such as Africa, Asia and the Pacific were integrated into Western techniques to create new groundbreaking work.
A century later, the spirit of this culture clash is as strong as ever, and Raben's Saloner looks far beyond borders in this regard, traveling far and wide to create an eclectic and vibrant collection that is completely modern.