Keychain "JILL" by JillsChain orange/pink/army


Handmade keychain "Jill" orange/pink/army from Jill's Chain

The keychain is available in 3 different versions and comes with a surprise pendant in brass.

- Thicker version - Finer version - Short version (see photos)

Jill's Story

Since she can walk, Jill wears her treasures around her neck. Her treasures were her stuffed animals and her room key. She used to wear these items very close to her body. The constant touch between her precious items and her body gave her peace.
For many years she was a key child and for less than a year she has even been a very proud one.
By hand she processes 14 threads of yarn. The colors are carefully selected to match the season, clothing or customer request. To our customers, the braided Jill's Chain give life.
A life of personality, security and sustainability !