GARRETT LEIGHT Sunglasses "Wilson" 49 Gold-Olive Gradient

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Sunglasses "Wilson" by Garrett Leight 49 gold - olive

Wilson M 49 Gold-Dark Tortoise / Semi-Flat Olive Gradient

The absolute classic from Garrett Leight and a glasses for all who don't like big glasses. An insane combo - this lens color is the HAMMER !!!

Founded in 2011 in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Garrett Leight California Optical specializes in high-quality eyewear that embodies the laid-back California spirit. Add a touch of retro style to your look with clear cat-eyes, 1970s-inspired round frames and colored lenses....

Garrett Leight is the son of the famous Oliver People founder and is known for his fabulously great lenses. Anyone who owns a pair of Garrett Leight sunglasses knows what I'm talking about. The lenses are incredible in the colors. A niche product that has its price, but which is absolutely justified.

Comes with leather case and cool multi-color glasses cleaning cloth.