Anna C.F.

TRICOT D'O hand knitted hat

Stripe (like photo)
Uni (color like the scarf)

TRICOT D'O hand knitted hat in stripe or solid color


Beautiful, cozy cashmere blend scarf, double and loose knit. A maximum of comfort, warmth and so something of cozy. Uniquely beautiful !

One size fits all. Each piece is made entirely by hand by our knitters, which may result in slight variations from one piece to another.

Hand wash in cold water only. Use an extra soft wool product. Dry flat on a terry towel. Do not use a dryer.

Styling Tip:

Super classy - super soft - a piece for the ages. 5 strand cashmere at its best - very loose hand knit. The perfect luxury piece for fall-winter in fresh colors !


  • Hand knitted hat
  • so soft !
  • loose hand knit
  • stripe like on the photo or uni like the scarf on the photo
  • softer and more noble it does not go :-)
  • a dream piece


  • one size