Via Masini 80

VIA MASINI leather leggings long cinnamon


VIA MASINI leather leggings long cinnamon

Via Masini simply makes unique pants. He is the pants specialist in Italy. They always fit perfectly and are simply fun to wear even after years. Timeless elegance and sportiness combined.

To this we combine:

Pants cut like leggings, but much more elegant! Wide elastic at the waist for extra comfort. Feels like a second skin. I always like to combine with leather light blouses or gobstrick like here on the photos (knitwear from Fashion for friends)

Réjane's personal styling tip:

The mix of matte leather, silk or fine knit is extremely feminine and sexy ! If someone's leggings are too long or someone likes it cropped, just cut the bottom with a sash and sew a small stitch at the seam. Very simple !

Product Details:

  • Butter soft
  • Leather - stretch leggings
  • Real leather
  • TOP quality
  • available in sorrel coat (cinnamon), bronze blend (khaki) or black
  • cropped

true to size information:

  • true to size
  • ital 40 for 34/36 ital 42 36/38 ital 44 for 38/40 ital 46 40/42