The jewelry is one of our oldest companions. No matter what material it was made of, be it gold jewelry, silver jewelry, jewelry made of leather, with pearls or even from simpler fabrics. Likewise, neither age nor gender plays a role. Whether man, whether woman, adult, youthful or still small - at least one piece of jewelry decorates pretty much every body and every day.
But if you think that this trend is exclusively part of our modern times, you are very wrong. As many archaeological finds already suggest, man has always decorated himself with the most diverse variants of jewelry, regardless of his culture, religion or era. No item of clothing includes such an enormous number of different individual pieces and variants as is the case with jewelry.
Did you know...?
The oldest jewelry find from Morocco is said to date back to more than 82,000 years ago. Archaeologists even assume that more than 100,000 years ago, a wide variety of beads were collected for the processing of high-quality chains. These discoveries and findings alone show us how fundamental and historical the human love of jewelry is.
Even in the Stone Age, man already attached importance to his status, his external adornment as well as to the high quality of his jewelry. Even currently, we still associate our jewelry with various meanings and individual symbolism.
Jewelry that outlasts our own lives
Some pieces of jewelry stand for a beautiful memory, while others are valuable family heirlooms, and not only typical for the nobility, various pieces of jewelry also stand as a status symbol. In addition, our pieces of jewelry give many of us a secure as well as familiar feeling and in their popular form are considered lucky charms and important symbols of our everyday life.
As different as the tasks of our individual pieces of jewelry are, they always have a significant common purpose. Beautiful jewelry namely causes good feelings in us. In order for us to carry these emotions with us for a long time and to be able to historically pass them on to our loved ones later, it is all the more important that the jewelry can shine in its full glory for a long time.
High-quality material for impeccable quality
Through high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, it is possible to make your favorite piece of jewelry a long-term, faithful companion. After all, you want to wear your beautiful jewelry as often as possible. So you can proudly present it and do not have to let it gather dust in the jewelry box.
We use only allergy-free materials for our jewelry products. They are handmade from genuine, nickel-free and high-quality materials, making each piece unique. With this, we want to give you a glamorous appearance that will be remembered positively, to make you feel beautiful and good for a long time.


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