SNIB "Classic" Shopper simply white

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SNIB "Classic" Shopper simply white

ALL TIME FAVORITE 2022 - available in 6 colors

Every one of us knows it. We have grown up with - and partly even in - it. The spacious blue one. It was always there and extremely practical.
Only it was never beautiful.

Shouldn't the things we use most often also be the most beautiful? Why are they always two pairs of shoes? The beautiful and the practical.

What would the bags look like that is beautiful and practical?
And how could we make it more sustainable?

The result of our musings you can buy now.
With SNIB we, Sandra and Nina, have fulfilled this dream and founded our own StartUp.

The SNIB, our Sustainable New Iconic Bag.

A bag for all different lifestyles and all situations in life. Designed so that you like to have it with you, even if you don't need it. And even better when you do use it. Durable and as sustainable as it is somehow possible.

Product Info:

The SNIB ClassicBAG can be used to store and move many things.
It holds a total of 70 liters, which is as much as 13 soccer balls, 100 clutches or 3.5 toolboxes.
The ClassicBAG can be carried by hand or over the shoulder and pulled together with a drawstring. And because it can be folded to A4 size, you can always have it with you.

Load capacity: 20 KG
Not everything that goes is also healthy


The bag bodies are made of 100% recycled polypropylene (RPP)
The material is robust and water-repellent.
But be careful:
If you expose your bag to intense UV radiation for too long, the color may fade.