A double play on words to convey the values and commitment of a man who believes in the ability to act positively. In the time of
globalized consumption, Liva RAMANANDRAIBE, also called Liv, invites to rethink a collective responsibility towards the world.

Liv came to France at the age of 16, where he studied finance. During his studies, his mother worked to promote ancient know-how of her native Madagascar. He realized the importance of supporting Raffia - craftsmanship of his ancient homeland.

IBELIV is conceived as a quality label and its products follow the most important values: ecological as well as socio-ecological. Its goal is to combine environmental protection with reforestation campaigns for the raffia forests threatened by deforestation and to promote the creation of sustainable jobs for rural women.
Not only beautiful, not only high quality, but also sustainable !
ATTENTION: next week all IBELIV bags will be back online in all color options. Check back or reserve a bag: info@rejanerosenberger.com