9seed - Tunisia Caftan Dress black

9seed Tunisia Caftan dress black

The quality is stunning and perfect on warm days at the beach but also as home dress or loungewear in the winter chalet.

The TUNISIA is very similar to the JOSHUA Tree Tunic... it is just a little longer and has short sleeves ! Tunisia is a super homewear or beach tunic. Comfortable and totally easy to wear. A feel-good part !

The "diaper fabric" is high quality processed and only slightly transparent.

Designer Temma Dahan-Newman of 9seed always has her suitcase packed and shuttles between Tulum, Montauk and Malibu.

Se loves the simple, streamlined silhouettes of her dresses, which can be worn during the day at the beach or in the evening. She uses only 100% organic cotton or silk-cotton blends, which are then dyed to her liking.

Temma draws her inspiration from the jet-set scene of the 60s, where gypset icons Marisa Berenson and Bianca Jagger were so trendy.

From the Hamptons to Ibiza, from Mustique to Miami! Everywhere, where there is sun, sand and sea you want to wear 9seed !!!!

Styling Tip

Even if not all are at the sea over the holidays - my 9seed things, are my constant companions also in the mountains. After a cold ski day, they are my comfortable lounge - wear for a cuddly evening in front of the fireplace.

TIP: When I get tired of my white clothes from 9seed, I dye them. There are many different great colors at the drugstore. 9seed are 100% cotton, even the threads are 100% cotton, that's why they work so well for this.

Product description

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Fairtrade
  • Made in LA and Tulum
  • Best Quality Label
  • black
  • super soft "diaper fabric