BAPBAB Scented candle "Platinum" Max 10


Beautifully presents my favorite candle for the kitchen and bathroom! A fragrance that makes bad smells disappear, fresh and unique. He makes me addicted :-)

The fragrance note:

The amber and musk scents that are at the heart of the Platinum fragrance make it a sophisticated experience. This blend, enriched with grapefruit extract, creates a masculine atmosphere that is both elegant and powerful.

The citrus thirst of grapefruit extract is perfect for neutralizing kitchen odors.

Amber and musk are popular scents for men.... so a perfect Christmas gift for their sweetheart's office.


Always burn your candle until the entire surface becomes liquid. This step can take a long time, especially the first time you burn it. When the entire surface of the wax is liquid, burn it for no more than an hour. The top layer of liquid wax should never be more than an inch high. Never burn your candle longer than the maximum burn time specified in the candle's instructions. Never burn the candle completely and systematically leave an inch at the bottom.

    How our candles are made by BAOBAB

    100% vegetable coconut wax and cotton wick: the perfect match

    To create a moment of personal intense emotion, we pay particular attention to the manufacturing process used for our scented candles. To fill your home with refined and original fragrances, our candlemaker ascertains that the wax and the wick are in perfect harmony.