Clothes brush black from STEAMERY STOCKHOLM

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Clothes brush black from STEAMERY STOCKHOLM

How it works

Everyday life leaves its traces on our clothes: Hair, dust, lint, dandruff and much more. This modern accessory is a sustainable alternative to traditional sticky lint rollers - keeping your clothes and furniture in pristine condition.

The brush is made of polyester fabric with all of the tiny bristles pointing in the same angled direction. By moving the brush against the bristle orientation, they lift up and catch lint, hair, dandruff and dirt. Turn the handle 2-3 times to clean the brush. Then press the lid on the top of the brush to empty the collection container.

    • Easily removes lint, hair, dust, fluff and dandruff from clothing and furniture
    • Perfect for pet owners
    • Leaves no adhesive residue (unlike adhesive lint rollers)
    • Gentle and efficient on all fabrics
    • Easy to clean - just a few turns of the handle
    • Lightweight - ideal for a weekend trip or a business trip