LEINEN Placemat "PACIFIC" 35x50 flax

LEINEN Placemat "PACIFIC" 35x50 flax

More than just a towel! Basic Collection "LIBECO

Table Wear 35x50 "PACIFIC" in flax - corresponds to a beautiful natural beige tone.

More than just a towel!

Originally, these towels were intended as beach towels or lounge chair towels, but eventually it turned out to be an extremely versatile product. When thrown over furniture, they can change the look of a room in 2.5 seconds!

The Belgian Towel also makes a perfect table runner. One of our models started using it as a pareo.

This sparked our ambition to expand the colors and designs as well as the formats.


    Let us take you back to the year 1858 in Flanders. At that time, weaving was a specialty of flax farmers, a way to earn extra money during the harsh winter months when it was too cold to work the land. All flax fabrics were transported by horse-drawn wagons to Kortrijk, the center of the flax industry.

    Our company, Libeert & Compagnie, was located near the train station and sold linen to merchants from all over the world who wanted to buy the coveted Flemish flax.

    Around the same time, Flanders was participating in the Industrial Revolution. The first mechanical, steam-powered weaving mills sprang up in the countryside. Around the turn of the century, we built our own weaving mill in Meulebeke, about 10 miles from Kortrijk.

    Libeco is still operating at this location today, more than 150 years later. Flax is a locally produced fiber, processed by experienced and passionate craftsmen.

    100% BELGIAN

    All our linen is woven in Belgium. The fabric is checked meter by meter and touched up by hand if necessary. Our products are made with great care, for the product but also for the environment. In recent years we have again taken important steps by becoming a CO2 neutral company and launching a 100% organic linen collection. Corporate sustainability for a viable future, that is our vision.

    By now, the fifth generation of the Libeert family is running the company.