RABENS SALONER Bikini "MERLE" hot pink rust

RABENS SALONER Bikini "MERLE" hot pink rust

Newest collection summer 2022

Super high quality swimwear and bikinis for every day - not super tight - lighter, softer rib material - dries very quickly and nicely lined. Not transparent.

Product description

  • 100% Rayon - Viscose
  • Fairtrade
  • Made in LA
  • Best Quality Label
  • in rose/brown or lilac/brown
  • super soft and very comfortable
  • the top adapts well to the bust - whether Cub B or C it sits great
  • size description
  • true to size
  • S for 34/36 (also 32) M for 38/40 L 40/42

For hygienic reasons we do not accept returns on these pieces. The parts are one-size and fit everyone.