REJANE ROSENBERGER DESIGN eagle mala "Dia" loosely knotted

Wooden mala "Dia" by Réjane Rosenberger Design.

Loosely knotted wooden mala. The mala is made here in our studio in Küsnacht. So you can choose your personal knotting color. Online we can not offer all colors for this beautiful necklace. However, we are happy to advise them by mail or by Telefoni for other colors or they send us the desired color sample.

To this we combine:

An Evecatcher works without other chains. If they have it but like freaky - bohemian, they can combine everything possible to it: Silver chains - cotton chains or a second mala.

Réjane's personal styling tip:

Simple and elegant is this beautiful mala. I like to wear it only in addition with a simple silver chain - like the silver chain "Lotos".

Product Details:

  • Eagle wood
  • in different lengths selectable after consultation with the atelier
  • Standard length: approx. 1m
  • Knotted in our atelier in Switzerland
  • Fairtrade
  • Shag length 5.5cm

Size information:

  • 8mm eagle - balls
  • Shag from Moulliné cotton