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REJANE ROSENBERGER DESIGN silver bracelet "Twist


Silver bracelet "Twist" by Réjane Rosenberger Design

One of our classic pieces of arm jewelryand my constant companion during the vacations. Ahand twisted 925 sterling silver hoop.An eye catcher on every wrist. The ring is available in various sizes. Since it is handmade, each ring is slightly different.

A woman's jewelry should be as diverse as she is, says Réjane Rosenberger about her own jewelry collection. Today elegant and sensual, tomorrow casual and playful then again hip or feminine. The collections are designed for women of all ages and styles and are put together in such a way that the pieces of jewelry made of silver, wood or mineral stones can always be combined in new and individual ways. So there is never a question of whether it fits or not. It always fits! Her many years of experience in the fashion industry always help Rejane Rosenberger to recognize new trends and to implement them with an awareness of quality. Exclusive, elaborate handwork is her main focus: each piece is handmade and finished with attention to detail. Réjane Rosenberger Design has been manufactured near Zurich since 1999.

To this we combine:

We combine many more silver hoops to it! The saying "less is more " definitely does not apply here. Silver bangle "Lotus" or silver bangle "RE

Réjane's personal styling tip:

I wear my silver hoops on many occasions because I find it very changeable. It is my constant companion especially on vacation when I don't want to take a lot of different things with me. Then I wear the hoops during the day on the beach and in the evening to beautiful dresses. On the right hand I wear only the simplerings "Cara" in combination with the ring "Diamond" and on the left hand on the middle finger often a flat ring such as the ring "Luminary" or if it may be more festive the ring " Prince".

Product Details:

  • 925 Sterling Silver or
  • 18 carat rose gold plated
  • Handmade and hand turned
  • Fairtrade

Size details:

  • 60 - 62 inner diameter
  • Choose according to the back of your arm