Choice by Réjane Rosenberger "CHOICE" scented candle

Choice by Réjane Rosenberger "CHOICE" scented candle.

Remind yourself of the best parts of the city that never sleeps with a scent that evokes the many flower boutiques next to the concrete buildings, leather bound books in a sunlit library and the ever green Central Park.

The relaxing scent of CHOICE from my favorite aromas ! The label can be peeled away and you have a beautiful black candle with no LOGO.

Top notes: grapefruit and green lemon
Middle: Lily of the Valley
Base: cedar wood, amber and musk

scented candle with local scents.

Size: ⌀80 x 105 mmWeight:
265 gramsWax
: Natural soy wax (hand poured)
Glass: Hand blown glass, 3-4 mm thickColor


Smoky blackWick
: Cotton wickBurn time


up to 60 hours (when lit properly)

The scented candles are made in France and finished in the Netherlands